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The carpets are mainly placed in your living rooms and bedrooms to get a great look around. Also, they collect a lot of dust and grime, foot-traffic dirt in your house. If you don’t clean these carpets, then the dust collected inside them will circulate polluted air in the house.

Marino Cleaning Services provides the top-rated professional carpet cleaning services in Aurora CO and its nearby areas. Our experts use a determined cleaning process to remove the stains, dust, and grime from your carpets. Finally, ensure you restore the original look and feel of your carpets.

How Marino Cleaning Services Differentiate From Others?

  • Gives a full guarantee to not reappear stains back once cleaned.
  • Zero-residue carpet cleaning is provided.
  • Well-experienced and skilled professionals.
  • Follow the specific carpet cleaning process for stain removal.
  • Thoroughly dry the carpets after cleaning to avoid moisture levels in them.
Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Aurora

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Know Our 6-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

At first, the carpets are thoroughly inspected for the level of dirt and stains in them.

Secondly, vacuuming is done to remove the loose particles and dust from the carpets.

Then, according to the level of the stain, the carpet cleaning process is decided. We use hot-water extraction, steam cleaning, and chemical treatment cleaning processes accordingly.

While using any type of solution on the carpets for cleaning, the color-fastness test is done.
After cleaning, the carpets are completely dried out with the help of air dryers and fans.
Finally, the carpets are again supervised to check that the stains do not reappear back once cleaned.

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You can rejuvenate the entire appearance of your carpets by hiring our professional cleaning services in Aurora and its nearby areas. Also, Marino Cleaning Services possess the latest industrial-grade instruments and have knowledge of all modern methods for specialty stain removal in carpets.

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What People Say About Us!

“All I can say is that these guys are amazing! I highly recommend them. Super professional and great to work with. Quality is outstanding as well. Love doing business with family-owned businesses too!”

— Katina Gundersen

“I have used Marino Cleaning Services for many many years now. These guys run a top notch company who I would highly recommend!!”

— Svigil

“Alex and his dad were so professional and thorough. My windows had not been cleaned in 20 years and they are absolutely sparkling!! Thank you kind gentlemen for your wonderful work!! I will use them again!!”
— Beth Primock

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