Steps Taken For Dryer Vent Cleaning Service [Infographic]

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A dryer, unlike its name, does not necessarily dry your clothing completely each time. It might probably be essential to clear up the dryer vent ducts if you’re discovering yourself getting excessively damp garments despite following a full drying phase, or if the exterior of the machine turns extremely hot while performing its job.

Dryer vent cleaning service is vital for more than just your clothing and labor. Lint can build up within those ducts over time, mixing with warm air and igniting, posing a fire threat. Dryer duct fires are responsible for $35 million in property damage each year, as well as scores of serious injury or death. If you discover a burning odor in the washing area, this is yet an additional sign that you must clean it as soon as possible.

Experts recommend that dryer vents be cleaned twice a year. While completing it manually may appear to be a daunting prospect, there are techniques for doing so fast, affordable, and conveniently.

Steps Taken For Dryer Vent Cleaning Service [Infographic]

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