How To Get Mold Out Of The Carpet?

How To Get Mold Out Of The Carpet_
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After a heavy downpour, mold grows in colonies of black patches on the wall. Mold spores travel through the air and thrive in a damp environment. The spores are omnipresent and can colonize once they find suitable conditions.

There are several types of mold. While most of them are harmless, some release toxins called mycotoxins. These toxins trigger allergic reactions in many. People suffering from allergies like eczema and asthma can have increased symptoms if they come into contact with mold.

As a result, it is of prime importance to eliminate mold. But the question is how to get mold out of the carpet. A wet carpet stain or an inundated house can help mold flourish. Thus, if your carpet is wet, you should put it to dry immediately. On the other hand, a heavily soaked carpet would need additional measures to restore it.

Follow the adjoining steps to eliminate mold from your carpet.

Steps To Get Mold Out Of The Carpet

Ventilate and isolate.

Mold on the carpet

Isolate the area where your mold-ridden carpet lies. It is essential because you don’t want the mold spores to fly into other areas of your house. Do not allow pets or kids near the moldy carpet. They can be at risk and can also spread mold spores all around.

Open all the doors and windows. It will help to get the mold spores out while you clean. Before beginning to clean, always put on the appropriate safety equipment. The goal is to isolate the area while keeping it well-ventilated. You can close the door or use thick plastic sheets to block off the areas, but keep the windows open. It will ensure that mold spores do not spread in the house. Ventilation is particularly essential when using cleaning agents.

Inspect The Entire Carpet

Mold at the surface of the carpet

Look for mold on the entire carpet surface. If the carpet is removable, check the backside as well. When mold is visible on the carpet surface, it is a sign of a severe infestation. Take the carpet out to clean it.

Look out for areas with severe mold growth. Such patches are beyond repair. Carefully cut off the damaged portions of the carpet. Change the padding for these areas and replace them with fresh spare carpet pieces.

You do need to discard the portions that have sparse mold growth. Cleaning it well will do the trick.

Brush The Mold 

Brush the mold on the carpet

Use a stiff-bristled brush to clean the surface mold. Brush the mold into a dustpan and discard it immediately. Take care not to force the mold formation into the carpet fibers. It will be tougher to eliminate it once it has reached deep inside.


Vacuum the carpet

Vacuum up the mold after you have brushed it out. Use a HEPA filter vacuum if possible. It will ensure maximum mold removal. Discard the trash bag from the vacuum cleaner outside your house. Avoid mixing it with your home garbage disposal. It is because it risks further spread.

Use Baking Soda & Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar

After vacuuming, sprinkle generous amounts of baking soda over the affected area. Allow it to stay overnight. Baking soda absorbs odors and moisture. Vacuum up the baking soda the next day. Proceed to clean the carpet with vinegar. Apply vinegar to the carpeting and brush it inside the carpet fibers. Also, clean the backside if it has mold. Let it stay for an hour. Dab the area with a cloth immersed in warm water. Leave the carpet to dry.

Vacuum Again 

Vacuum the carpet

Vacuum the carpet again using a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. It is efficient in removing the tiniest of allergens and particles. If possible, vacuum the back of the carpeting as well. Be sure to change the filter if you are using it again. Discard the waste outside the house to prevent further spread.

Use An Anti-Fungal Spray

Anti fungal spray for the carpet

Lastly, use an anti-fungal spray to kill most of the mold spores. Check with the carpet manufacturer before buying one. It is so because the spray should not damage the carpet fibers or backing.

Spray the solution on the carpet fibers and backside as per the instructions on the pack. Let it sit for an hour. Dab the wet area using a dry rag to soak up the excess liquid. Let it stay for 24 hours.

Allow the carpet to dry naturally. Use a dehumidifier or turn up the heat to facilitate drying. Keep the kids and pets away from the area. Repeat the process if any mold residues are still visible.

Wrapping Up

Mold is not a thing to play around with within the house. It is potentially dangerous to humans and pets. One needs to take timely action when they spot mold. It is important to remember that mold infestation happens in damp environments. Therefore, keep everything dry around your home. As a precautionary measure, keep inspecting your belongings for possible mold growth.

It is better to call a professional carpet cleaning service when you notice severe mold growth. Expert mold remediation technicians possess commercial machinery and cleaning agents. They can inspect and eliminate mold from just about everything. With expertise and proper training, the technicians can take care of removing it safely without harming your belongings or house.

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