Importance of Air Duct Cleaning After Renovation: Insights from Marino Cleaning Services

Importance of Air Duct Cleaning After Renovation
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Renovating your home certainly gives it improved functionality. But it ends up with a complete mess of dirt and dust throughout. This makes it essential to have a newly-renovated home deep cleaned.

However, one of the crucial elements that require attention post-renovation is air ducts. Cleaning air ducts is a must-do task in every post-renovation checklist. But why? Here are some insights from our experts at Marino Cleaning Services regarding the importance of air duct cleaning after renovation.

Why Is Air Duct Cleaning Important After Renovation?

→ Prevents the Spread of Dust in the Air

The renovation process produces a lot of dirt and dust. Apart from getting collected in various parts of your home, it also gets accumulated in your HVAC air ducts.

You may clean your home after renovation but if you leave your air ducts unclean, they will recirculate the dirt throughout your home. In a centralized ventilation system, they will spread the contamination even in the areas that were not renovated.

To prevent this recirculation, our experts advise giving your air filter a deep cleaning post-renovation.

→ Eliminates Odors

A freshly renovated home smells like chemicals. That is due to the off-gassing from the installed furnishings and paints. The VOCs and gasses like formaldehyde can spread an unbearably strong smell throughout your home.

On top of that, if your air ducts are dirty, the odors will keep lingering in your home and worsen over time. Ensuring the air ducts get cleaned by our air duct cleaning professionals can help push these unpleasant odors out of your home, giving proper ventilation.

→ Provides Healthier Air Post-Renovation

The level of contamination of air after renovation is much higher than in normal circumstances. These are not regular dust particles from day-to-day activities.

The air circulating in your home contains sawdust, paint odors, and other particles which can irritate breathing. This can even lead to allergies and other respiratory problems.

Cleaning the air ducts after renovation will eliminate them from the air. This ensures fresher air in the newly-renovated home. And it’s one of the best tips for improving your indoor air quality.

→ Unclogs The Vents

As mentioned earlier, the excessive dust released during renovation is collected in the ducts. Filth generated during a single renovation project is sufficient to clog the air filter. The minute dust particles and other chemicals stick to the inner duct surfaces and keep on building up.

Moreover, if you operate your HVAC without cleaning them, they will keep on accumulating more dust from the air. This will block the ducts and can lead to serious issues. Cleaning your air ducts after renovation helps clear them of all the debris. This ensures proper passage of air in and out.

→ Reduces Replacement Costs

During the renovation, the filth collected in the air ducts keeps damaging the duct’s structure. The more time it stays there, the more difficult the cleaning becomes. And eventually, the dirt exceeds a limit beyond cleaning which requires the replacement of the air ducts altogether.

Having recently invested in home renovation, you would not want to spend any more bucks on air ducts and other replacements. Although replacing an air filter is a good post-renovation decision, deep air duct cleaning can save you costs.

→ Improves HVAC Efficiency And Lowers Utility Bills

Clogged ducts restrict the airflow, making your HVAC system work harder to function well and provide proper ventilation. One of the benefits of air duct cleaning is that it helps reduce utility bills too.

Fully cleaned air ducts allow proper passage of air to and fro. This helps the system function at its fullest efficiency. This will consume less energy and provide thorough ventilation, heating, and air conditioning to your renovated home.

Summing Up

Cleaning air ducts after renovation is the most important for your home. It prevents the toxins to recirculate in your home and helps better eliminate them. It helps your home get rid of unpleasant chemical odors and provides healthy indoor air.

Moreover, by unclogging the vents, you can ensure improved system efficiency for a fresher and well-ventilated renovated home.

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