Common Mistakes to Avoid When Power Washing Wood Fence

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Power Washing Wood Fence
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Wooden fences around our homes not only protect our property but also improve its curb appeal with their beautiful look. However, wooden fences require periodic power washing to stay in good condition for a long time.

When it comes to power washing the wooden fences, you have to be very careful as small mistakes can end up damaging your fence. Here, we have discussed some common mistakes that you should avoid while power washing your fence.

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Power Washing Wood Fence

1. Using Excessive Power

Power washing wooden surfaces is more challenging than concrete and other hard surfaces. Because a slightly higher power can end up damaging your fence. That’s why you should never power wash fences with high power.

You can use a 25-degree nozzle with power ranging from 500-1500 PSI, depending on the hardness of your fence. You can also refer to the user manual of your machine for better understanding.

2. Relying on Water Only

People believe that a high-power jet of water can wash away the dirt, grime, and other impurities on your fences. But it’s not true. High-power water can remove loose dirt and debris, but you will need specialized cleaning agents to eliminate the stains, grime, and mold.

3. Choosing Wrong Cleaning Solutions

Wrong cleaning solutions can have adverse effects on wooden surfaces. It can badly deteriorate the fence and reduce its lifespan. Never make the mistake of using wrong and untested cleaning cleaning products.

Only use cleaning products designed for wooden fences. They will ensure thorough cleaning and remove accumulated dirt, grime, and stains from your fences without damaging them.

4. Not Clearing the Surrounding Debris

Homeowners often make the mistake of washing the fences without even preparing the surrounding area. Surrounding dirt and debris can accumulate on wet surfaces, and you have to clean it again.

To avoid that, make sure you clear the loose dirt and debris around the fence before you start power washing. Also, cover the plants, windows, and electric sockets to avoid any damage.

5. Not Washing the Entire Fence

Not washing the fence thoroughly is another common mistake. People just clean the top layers and often neglect the grounded part. The problem with that is that the mold and algae near the bottom layer remain unaffected and grow further.

You must clean the entire fence, starting from top to bottom including the foundation. This ensures thorough cleaning and helps prolong the life of your fence by keeping dirt, grime, mold, and algae at bay.

Summing Up

Power-washing wooden fences can be tricky. But knowing these mistakes can help you prevent excessive damage to your fences. So remember to use lower power and an appropriate cleaning agent while cleaning your fence, and start by removing the surrounding debris. Also, ensure you wash the entire wooden fence from top to bottom for a thorough cleaning. By avoiding these common power washing mistakes you can give your wooden fence an effective cleaning without damaging it.

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