Can You Power Wash A Brick House?

Can You Power Wash A Brick House_
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Bricked properties look aesthetically appealing and have a higher resale value. And to keep its best appearance and prolong its life, you need regular maintenance and cleaning.

But, when it comes to cleaning the exterior of residential and commercial properties, power washing is the most suitable option. But the question arises,

Can You Power Wash A Brick House?

Ultimately, the answer is yes. You can powerwash a brick house with the help of a professional and experienced power washer till the house is 60 years old. A professional has the knowledge of using the proper cleaning methods and an adequate pressure suitable for washing a brick house.

Can Power Wash Damage Your Brick House? 

If done correctly, powerwash will not damage your brick house. Even though brick is a brittle material, it can be power washed with limited pressure. By doing so, you can get a clean and tidy house without any damage.

Things To Consider When Power Washing A Brick House

Adequate Pressure 

The most important this is washing with the right pressure. A professional would know the adequate pressure for washing a brick house, but you can still ask him to do a spot test first.

Right Cleaners

Another important thing is using the right cleaning solutions for power washing your brick house. Avoid using acid-based cleaners like ammonia, as it can cause significant damage to your home.

Gentle Cleaning 

Bricks and mortar are brittle and can damage because of harsh and rough cleaning. Gentle cleaning is essential for brick houses. Using suitable cleaning tools is also necessary.

Benefits of Power Washing A Brick House 

Power washing can have several benefits. It is an effective way to remove the accumulated dirt and grime from the exterior of your home. Power washing eliminates mold and mildew and helps remove tough stains.

Best Power Washing in Aurora CO

If you are looking for the best power washing services in Aurora CO, Marino Cleaning Services is the ultimate solution for all your power washing needs. With our industry experience of 25 years, we have been providing professional power washing services.

Our skilled and experienced cleaning technicians will power wash your brick house with extreme care and provide you with a clean and tidy exterior of your home.

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