Cleaning Your Roof With Power Washing

Cleaning Your Roof With Power Washing
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As we all have an idea that a well-maintained and clog-free roofing system will allow for proper drainage and avoid water accumulation from causing leaks. Roofs are vulnerable to mold, algae, and moss over time, especially if basic maintenance is ignored. These factors have the potential to cause major issues, putting your roof in danger of damage.

During wet weather, regular maintenance is the only way to avoid catastrophic damage to your home’s other structures, particularly the walls and ceilings. Due to busy schedules, many people do not have enough time to properly clean them. Professionals are hired or called to make it easy for any homeowners. Here are some steps to know how power washing can be done.

Steps To Clean Your Roof Professionally

There are main 3 steps or tips you need to follow to clean your roof like a professional.

Step One: Preparation

If you are gonna clean the roof you need to start preparing for it the day before cleaning. Many peoples wash their roofs because of black mold, if you have the same reason and if you want to get rid of black mold, you may have to sprinkle some chemicals onto the roof for one day and then spray it off the next.

Fill a tank with a cleaning solution that is of high quality, biodegradable, and safe for pressure washers, as well as appropriate for the sort of deposit on your roof. Try the force of the pressure washer to make sure it’s okay for the roof. Also, use nonslippery soft shoes as hard shoes can damage your roof.

Step Two: Climb Up And Start Spraying

Arrange the ladders in a location that allows you to climb the roof without harming the edges. Hold the pressure washer wand as you approach the ladder. Move to the highest position on the roof, ideally on the side away from the ladder. Turn on the machine and raise the wand to allow any lingering pressure to escape. As you wash the shingles, let the water run over them and down the roof.

Aiming water towards the higher part of the roof may cause water to run through the shingles and into your home’s interior structures.

Step Three: Wash In Sections

When you are going for the cleaning try doing it through sections by moving in side to side motions from top to bottom. And repeat the process until it’s required. Apply detergent to the portions of the roof you’re working on and thoroughly rinse them if you want a sparkling roof.

Benefits Of Power Washing Your Roof

There can be many factors why power washing is required for the cleaning process but here are some amazing benefits of power washing that can be helpful for your future.

  • Increasing The Life Of The Roof
  • Increases Property Value
  • Reduces Energy Consumption
  • Saves You Money

Pressure washing is not easy work, so taking it lightly would be a mistake. If you are trying DIY then you need to take all the precautions before you start the cleaning. If you have no time due to your schedule you can hire professional power services to carry all your burden. Professionals are trained and have expertise in all kinds of equipment and processes. They are also available 24/7 for any kind of emergency. Call them for a free quote or some advice.

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