Tips By Experts: When Do Home Windows Need To Be Cleaned And How Often?

Tips By Experts: When Do Home Windows Need To Be Cleaned And How Often?
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Window cleaning is one of the best ways to keep them sparkling all year round. It helps them get rid of the collected dirt, dust, pollen, and streaks, letting in the bright sunlight and a clear view.

Our experts at Marino Cleaning Services often suggest cleaning them regularly. However, you may ask when and how often to clean your home windows. Read on to know the answer below.

When Do Home Windows Need To Be Cleaned?

→ There is an excess buildup of dirt and dust

Your windows, especially their exterior surfaces, collect dirt, dust, pollen, and debris from the air. This buildup gets collected in its crevices over time and makes it filthy.

This dirt can also damage the glasses and form scratches. So if your windows have an excess buildup of dirt, they need to be cleaned.

→ You suffer from allergies

As windows bring in the air from outside, the dirt collected on them also enters your indoor air. Prolonged pollution of indoor air due to dirty windows can even cause allergies and respiratory issues.

Your home windows need to be cleaned when you start noticing yourself or anyone in your home getting allergies.

→ Your home has been remodeled

Renovating or reconstructing your home can expose your windows to abrasive dirt. This gets collected in the crevices of your windows and makes them filthy. After your home has been remodeled, your home windows need to be cleaned.

→ It has been a long time since deep cleaning

If it has been more than six months or even a year since you had your windows deep cleaned, they need to be cleaned by experts to remove the heavy buildup of dirt and protect them from damage.

How Often Should You Clean Windows?

Our window cleaning pros advise cleaning your windows at least once or twice a year. Ideally, it’s once in spring and once in autumn/fall. That is sufficient to keep your windows clean all year round.

However, every home is different and the exact frequency of window cleaning can vary based on many factors.

Here are some of them discussed below.

→ The Weather In Your Area

One of the main things that decide how often you should clean your home windows is your weather.

If your area faces extreme weather conditions such as heavy storms, lots of pollen in the air, or hot and windy summers, your windows may get dirty more quickly.

Extreme rains can also cause dirt to form stains on your windows, needing more frequent cleaning.

→ The Location You Live In

The surrounding area of your home is what your windows get exposed to. If your home is in or near a very busy area with heavy traffic or pollution, your windows may collect more dust and pollen more often.

Also, if you have factories, train lines, quarrying, or construction sites nearby, the air might be more polluted, and you will need to clean your windows more often. We suggest cleaning before every season in such a case.

Moreover, if you live near a coastal area, the salty air may build white residue around your windows, needing cleaning at short intervals.

→ Type Of Your Windows

Some windows (& their frame material) are easy to maintain, and some need more attention and frequent cleaning. For example, windows made from fiberglass and vinyl need lower upkeep than wood and metal windows.

Moreover, complex, intricate, and minute designs may collect more dirt in their crevices, so they need more attention and frequent cleaning.

→ Your Window Manufacturer’s Advice

Most window manufacturers specify how often you should clean your windows. Depending upon the needs of your particular window, you should follow their advice and clean accordingly.

Some branded windows often have a certain requirement to follow. In that case, we suggest window cleaning frequency is best advised by your manufacturer.

Summing Up,

Your home windows need to be cleaned when there is an excess buildup of dirt, you notice allergies, your home is renovated, and it has been a long time since cleaning. Moreover, you should clean your windows at least twice a year to keep them sparkling.

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