How to Power Wash Your Home in Winter?

How to Power Wash Your Home in Winter?
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Power washing in winter may sound tedious and unappealing. But just like any other season, your home needs power washing in winter to look its best and protect it from debris and grime.

So, in this blog, our experts have discussed some tips to help you effectively power wash your home in winter and keep it looking spotless and pristine for a long time without any side effects.

Tips to Power Wash Your Home in Winter

⇒ Protect Your Equipment

The greatest issue with power washing is damaging the equipment, which is expensive to replace. The damage happens when the leftover water in the pressure pump expands, leading to pieces inside the washer freezing and breaking.

To prevent this, you should drain the washer properly after use and store it in a warm and dry area. By doing so, you can protect your expensive machines from harm and keep them functioning even in winter.

⇒ Wear Appropriate Layers

When you are power washing in winter, there is a high risk of hypothermia, which can cause excessive damage to your health. One of the important power washing tips by pros is to wear sufficient layers and safety gear to protect yourself when power washing in winter.

You can wear protective glasses, gloves, and hats to keep you safe while washing. Wear spiked footwear and boots to prevent slipping on icy surfaces. It’s advisable to wear the footwear even after you have de-iced the floor to avoid any issues.

⇒ Use Hot Water

The biggest problem with power washing in winter is water freezing in the pipes. You can prevent this by using hot water to wash your home instead. The water should be around 180 to 200℉ for the best results.

At this temperature, there is a low risk of water freezing and turning into ice. But avoid using water hotter than 200℉, as it can pose a greater risk to your safety than water freezing.

⇒ De-ice Beforehand

Icy and slippery surfaces are a threat when power washing in winter. One wrong move and you can lose your footing, causing injury and damaging delicate areas like sidings and wooden fences.

Apply salt, sand, calcium chloride, or magnesium to the area where water from power washing will run off. It’ll prevent the water from freezing over and ensure you have a steady grip on the surface.

⇒ Power Wash in Sun

The presence of the sun is a huge factor that can boost your power-washing efforts in the cold season. It’s an efficient way to prevent freezing pipes and surfaces. So, wait for a sunny day in winter to wash your property.

Stand in a bright spot under direct sunlight and start cleaning. The best time for this is in the afternoon when the sun is at its peak, and the temperature is hottest. It helps speed up the drying process and prevents crystallization.

Get Your Home Power Washed By the Experts

If you want an effective power wash in winter, your best bet is to hire a professional power washing company. Experts have experience working in cold conditions and can wash your property effectively without many issues.

At Marino Cleaning Services, we have the best power washing gear that works efficiently even in cold temperatures. Our process prevents the water from freezing over, giving your property a long-lasting cleaning without any damage.

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