Truth Or Myth: Is Newspaper Good For Cleaning Windows?

Truth Or Myth Is Newspaper Good For Cleaning Windows
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For a time, newspapers were considered the best paper to clean windows. As they don’t contain harsh materials like silica or calcium carbonate that can scratch the surface. Although that is not reason enough to choose newspapers as a glass cleaning paper.

Then, is a newspaper good for cleaning windows? The answer is no and below are the reasons for it:

1) The newspaper gets soaked in the soap solution, eventually making it ineffective to use.

2) Removing the stubborn stains with a newspaper is a tedious task.

3) The newspaper can rub off on mold and grime, which then requires more cleaning of your windows.

4) The ink of the newspaper can smudge your windows. Thus, you may need to re-clean or even repaint them.

What Are The Alternative To Newspaper For Cleaning Windows?

There are many alternatives to newspapers for cleaning windows. The most famous ones are squeegees and a microfiber cloth. Below we have talked about the pros and cons of both for you to make an informed decision.

1) Squeegee

♦ Pros

1) Dries the stains quicker, leaving no residue.

2) Convenient for even large surfaces.

3) Reusable so you don’t have to invest in new products every time you clean windows.

♦ Cons

1) More expensive compared to newspapers.

2) Will leave behind small streaks that can be easily scraped off with a towel.

2) Microfiber Cloth

♦ Pros

1) The tiny microfibers will pick up dust and lint from your windows.

2) It is very absorbent as it can hold water up to 8 times its weight.

3) Can reduce the use of chemicals while cleaning.

4) Just like a squeegee, it is reusable.

♦ Cons

1) They are costly compared to newspapers and squeegees.

2) Not environmentally friendly.

3) You cannot remove oil from a microfiber cloth. So, if you use the cloth to remove oil splatters, you cannot reuse it.


When you clean windows on a sunny day, then the liquid cleaner dries up quickly leaving no residue behind. After drying, this liquid forms streaks on the window glass. Also, unlike a microfiber cloth or a squeegee, newspapers are not good absorbents. They soak up the moisture thus proving ineffective while cleaning.

If you still have no idea what to do next you can also hire professionals. They are available 24/7 for any emergencies. They aim to best services around the area as they are locally oriented. They all have specialized training to use all equipment skillfully. You can call them for any information or a free quote.

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