Easy ways to Clean and Prevent Mold on Windows

Easy ways to Clean and Prevent Mold on Windows
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Mold on windows is a common problem. If there is dampness or a source of moisture around your window, then mold will rapidly spread on your window and home. Mold can be easily visible sometimes, especially when you have a white-colored window frame. While sometimes, it is not visible to the eyes, and you ignore it.

Molds are a type of fungus that can ruin the appearance of your window. And also bad for your and your family members’ health. Molds can cause health problems associated with eyes, breath, and skin. Another problem with mold is its musty smell. Its smell is so unpleasing.

It multiplies very rapidly and can spread from one place to another. So, it is necessary to get rid of it as soon as you notice it. You can remove mold with some simple steps. Some of the easy ways to clean and prevent mold on windows are listed in the article.

Before you start cleaning your windows, you should take all the precautions. Use a mask, gloves, and safety goggles while cleaning.

How to clean molds

Vacuum & Dry Cleaning

Vacuuming window

If mold has recently started growing around the window, you can clean it by simple vacuuming and dry cleaning. Keep the window open and start vacuuming the affected area. Clean the windows and window frame with a cloth or tissue paper after the vacuum. Do not forget to clean your vacuum cleaner after use.

Cleaning with detergent

detergent for window cleaning

A mixture of water and detergent can help remove the mold. Add detergent powder or liquid to warm water and soak a cloth or sponge in the solution. Then thoroughly wipe the affected areas of the window. Do this process twice or thrice for better results. You also can use a brush for gentle scrubbing.

Vinegar and Borax

Vinegar and Borax

The vinegar and borax mixture is very effective on mold. It kills the mold, fungus, and other harmful bacteria caused due to moisture. To prepare the cleaning solution, add five cups of vinegar and one cup of borax to one liter of warm water. The quantity of vinegar and borax can be increased or reduced according to requirement. Thoroughly spray this solution on the mold on the window and wipe it out after some time using a clean cloth or tissue paper.


bleach for window cleaning

Vinegar and borax mixture will clean the mold over your window. But to remove the invisible mold and bacteria, bleach is a good option. After cleaning, with the borax and vinegar solution, rinse the window with normal water and dry it. Once dried, add three-five tablespoons of bleach into a half-filled bucket. Mix it thoroughly and scrub the solution on the window using a cloth. Once done, wait for 15-20 minutes. After that, rinse with water and let it dry.

How to prevent mold

  • Assure proper ventilation of your home.
  • Fix the windows if required for any repair.
  • Keep the moisture low if you use a humidifier.
  • Keep the plants outside your home if you have any.
  • Install exhausting fams in kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Fix leakage in pipes in the home.
  • Regularly clean your house.

The Bottom Line

Molds on the windows are neither so appealing nor good for your and your family members’ health. With some easy steps and a short time, you can get rid of them. So, to avoid damage to your window and for better health, you should clean the mold on your window. You can also take the help of local professional window cleaning services for the same.

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