Common Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid: Insights from Marino Cleaning Services

Common Window Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid
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The squeaky clean window glasses uplift the look of the house, bring pure air, and many more things. But on the other side, the smears on windows create the dull look of the place and cuts down the nexus of pure air into the house.

So there is a need for regular window cleaning to avoid window blemishes. During window cleaning, many people make some common mistakes that you should avoid.

In this write-up, experts of Marino Cleaning Services have given insights into these common mistakes and the ways to avoid them. Read the article to unearth more about it.

7 Most Common Window Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

1) Avoid window cleaning on sunny days.

Generally, most people prefer to wash their windows on sunny days. Unfortunately, the sunlit does not let your windows cleanse thoroughly. If you try to clean the windows on sunny days, then the cleanser applied will more quickly get dry by the heat.

Our experts recommend cleaning the windows on dusky days. The cloudy day will help to retain the cleanser moisture on the windows for thorough cleaning. And your windows will get squeaky clean.

2) Trying to clean windows in one stroke

Windows demands to get cleaned once or twice a year. And in this also many people just stroke the white cloth in one day and get their windows cleaned. In window cleaning, the maneuverability of your hand is necessary.

You can do this by cleansing windows horizontally on one side and vertically on the other. Use proper ways to keep your windows clean and then take a clear sight of the outside world.

3) Applying cleaner on muddy parts

Dust on windows does not get cleaned by applying cleaner. Instead, the dust gets mixed with cleaner, which creates a concoction of dusty cleaner that spreads allergens in the house. So how to clean it?

Take a white cloth to wipe off the dust from your window. After thoroughly cleaning the dust from windows, apply the cleaner, and it will show its magic.

4) Sidestepping safety standards

During cleaning, there are chances of falling from ladders, skin allergies, and many more. It is essential to maintain protection while cleaning the windows.
You can avoid these risks by;

  • Take the help of another family member while cleaning bay windows.
  • Wear gloves to avoid skin allergies.
  • Keep the cleaner spray away from the face.

5) Newspaper is not the right fit for window cleaning

Most people try to clean the windows with other things like old newspapers. But newspapers are not good for cleaning windows. The ink of newspaper can lead to permanent stains on windows. That’s why our experts suggest using microfiber cloth and paper towels.

Microfiber cloth is a one-time valid investment of yours as it is reusable. Microfiber soaks the dirt and grime effortlessly, which helps to ultra-shine your windows.

6) Use a squeegee for bay windows.

A squeegee is best for scraping away dust, liquid, and residue left after cleaning. Our experts say that squeegee is for cleaning the bay windows, it is not for small size windows. Using the squeegee for small windows can create a mess of grime on floors.

7) Avoid the use of the wrong cleaning products.

While you follow several DIY tricks to clean windows, avoid using several chemicals that can affect windows’ luster. For instance, avoid using chemicals like ammonia or vinegar as they can damage your windows.

Also, do not use steel wool or scouring pads, this can lead to scratches on glass. You can use the window cleaners like Hope’s Perfect Glass Cleaner, Windex Glass and Window Cleaner Spray Bottle, and Invisible Glass Cleaner.

Bottom Line

While cleaning the windows, you should take care of several things. If window cleaning is not done using proper care and ways, then it can lead to the lost luster of the window. Most people prefer to hire professionals to clean their windows and avoid any kind of damage.

We at Marino Cleaning Services will help you to squeaky clean your windows. Our expert-verified products and methods will bring the lost gleam of your windows back and will not let your windows get damaged. Call us at (720) 270-7796 and get your windows cleaned.

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